Riga durational dialogues #1: Introduction and Lars Cuzner

31 January 2019

I belong to a new group of curators and artists called Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), and we recently held our first event, Curators Go to the Bar, at the KIM? contemporary art space in Riga, Latvia.

My contribution to this event was hosting a 3-hour talk show, interviewing other artists and creatives in attendance. This is a test run of the Constellations project that Ptarmigan will be...

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That was the week that was, the other week, that is

30 October 2012

I'm still dazed from all of the awesomeness last week, beginning out of the La-Bas 'Concept of Performance' biennale in Helsinki, which ran from 25-29 April. I already posted about the DIS/Orientations workshop I co-led on Sunday, which was really the beginning of an unforgettable week - amazing people, brilliant performances, and a real feeling like we were trying some new ideas...

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DIS/Orientations workshop in Helsinki

27 February 2014

Yesterday, John Grzinich, Sari TM Kivinen and myself led a workshop called DIS/Orientations on Harakka Island, Helsinki. This was part of the La-Bas 'Concept of Performance' Biennale, a 5-day investigation of performance and sound art. This was our first shot at trying something extremely experimental and improvisational on the theme of orientation and disorientation. For a few hours,...

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Ptarmigan at Supermarket 2012

05 March 2012

Last month, Ptarmigan went to Supermarket, the artist-run art fair in Stockholm. Thanks to the KulturKontakt Nord Mobility Programme for enabling this to happen - Sari Kivinen, Andra Aaloe, Lewis McGuffie and myself all attended, which was 4/5 of the Ptarmigan staffers and in a way, our first collective project as collaborating artists (outside of the regular administration of Ptarmigan).


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Fight the cold : Ptarmigan and related activities, February 2012

04 February 2012

It's really, really cold here right now. Here being Tallinn, Estonia, where as I write it's currently -22 C (-7.6 F) and it "feels like" -33 C (-27.4 F) with the wind chill. I'm sitting here in Slothrop's trying to stay alive, for the feeble electric heating can't keep up with the brutality of an Estonian winter. Thank you, medieval architecture!

But that's...

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Slothrop's, Tallinn, Estonia

20 January 2012

If you're in Tallinn, please stop by Slothrop's on Müürivahe 19.  You'll find a large selection of secondhand books in English - literature, history, art, politics, essays, criticism -- the works.  Slothrop's is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 to 18, Eastern European Time.  Soon we'll hopefully have a (carefully-curated) selection of...

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