'Last Night on Earth' tape

19 January 2012
Ikuisuus has just released a split casette between Last Night on Earth and New Yaki.


I appear on the Last Night on Earth side playing esraj, along with Jani Hirvonen, Mari Imppola and Jari Koho.  This was recorded ages ago after I just moved to Finland and was probably the first time I had played with anyone in months.  I haven't heard the recording in awhile but it is available for...
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Musings on Mutopia: a week of collaboration in rural Estonia

15 July 2019

I spent the last 10 days in Estonia, mostly at the MoKS AVAMAA 2009 ArtSymposium.  While the symposium offered traditional workshops (on printmaking and sound electronics), I participated in Mutopia 3, an exploration of collaborative creative practices that is quite difficult to describe.


Led by MoKS coordinator John Grzinich, the name is intended to combine the idea of Utopia with the...

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Australia, again.

19 January 2012
Awakening to the laughter of kookaburras.  The chilly evenings of the Queensland winter return to the daytime heat and humidity that out-swelter the summer of my regular environment.  A pile of Sunshine Coast newspapers lies beside me, all torn open to the two-way crossword and sudoku puzzles that I devour.


My partners gone down to Brisbane for one last night with her friends but I...
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'Poetry is a game of loser-take-all' : On Pierrot le fou

19 January 2012
Pierrot le fou is being screened at Orion (National Audiovisual Archive of Finland), this Wednesday, at 7 PM, and I THINK Anna Karina is going to be there in person.


Of course Im basing this on something a friend mentioned a few weeks ago - he was getting up early to stand in a queue to get tickets.  And my initial reaction, of course, was Oh, shes still alive?


I should have followed him and...
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J. G. Ballard is dead.

19 January 2012
248129627_2c3b9c3971Id never say that J.G. Ballard was one of my favorite writers and I dont think you could get me to defend his prose style under any circumstances.  But his influence on art, literature and film (which have in turn influenced me) is incalculable.  Theres been a deluge of tributes, blog posts, and other articles since his passing last week and I dont really have anything to share myself...
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The Most Amazing Musician in All History!

19 January 2012
The most amazing musician in all history?  Really, Ripley, this might be pushing my ability to Believe - I mean, havent you ever checked out JACO?

The quest to innovate on an instrument can lead the journeyman improviser into strange realms.  Some great names (in my opinion) have written books on their art - Derek Bailey, Eddie Prévost - and these masters are certainly known for...
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