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DIS/Orientations workshop in Helsinki

27 February 2014

Yesterday, John Grzinich, Sari TM Kivinen and myself led a workshop called DIS/Orientations on Harakka Island, Helsinki. This was part of the La-Bas 'Concept of Performance' Biennale, a 5-day investigation of performance and sound art. This was our first shot at trying something extremely experimental and improvisational on the theme of orientation and disorientation. For a few hours,...

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Ian Nagoski, Meisha, Plea Circuits, Neptune

11 October 2015

This was a show that I set up, which I apparently titled in a series called 'The New Breed'.  I think I grabbed that from an Impulse records compilation LP I found (a pretty good one with Archie Shepp and Grachan Moncur III on it), attempting to brand shows i promoted.  It's funny cause in Pittsburgh in the late 90s, no one did that, whereas my experiences in Europe are...

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Bruce Conner R.I.P.

20 January 2012
I am really bummed to hear that Bruce Conner has died. I first read about Conner when he was interviewed in the RE/Search Pranks book, a book that has vastly influenced me... and I first saw A Movie in my Experimental Cinema class - the same class where I saw pretty much everything else that I love and revere (see this site's iconography, purloined from Robert Nelson).

The found footage...
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