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posted: 13 November, 2008

Well, as anyone looking over the inactivity on this blog will have quickly figured out, the Ubermann sleep schedule did not work for me.  I couldn't keep my eyes open; eventually I just crashed again in the most horrible way, and I realised it was making my day-to-day existence extremely painful.  It's a difficult schedule to hold while attempting to get situated in a new city/surroundings, so I abandoned it.  I never bothered to even post about it here out of embarassment.  

I would like to attempt it again at some point - the benefits just sound too fanastic to be true.  When this will happen though, I do not know.

Then, the election happened so I was so focused on blogs/polls/cable news covereage that I didn't give any thought to blogging.

I still intend to reorganise this site in the future, moving the blog to the front page and other things like that. I'm also going to re-do the reblogging, so instead of just re-posting something verbatim I will excerpt it and comment, like all proper rebloggers.  

I've been busy with some other projects so icewhistle.com is the lowest of my priorities.

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