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posted: 22 March, 2009
This site runs a custom-built content management system that I wrote when I was teaching myself Rails.  As it was a learning project, the code was full of bugs and suffered from generally poor design.  This afternoon I ripped out the guts and bashed out some new code, essentially from scratch.  The goal is reduce the ridiculous number of 500 errors that was occuring because I was aggregating too many RSS feeds together.

You may notice that this site is generally less complicated now.  I have decided to stop reBlogging -- there are already a zillion pointless sites out there where people repost other content, and most of those actually take the time to comment on what they are reposting, which I didn't even bother doing.  The old reblog data will sit in the history of the posts unless people start to find it confusing when searching, in which case I'll wipe it.  I've added my delicious bookmarks to the sidebar here which will serve the same purpose.

This "blog" will continue to exist as a place for me to write general thoughts and post news and updates about my work/projects.  I will continue to use blindness as a tumblr-style blog for quick and dirty stuff, and I will be merging the other various Wordpress installations into this main CMS.  The blog content will now be visible from the frontpage, which was previously reserved for "news" and announcement (which will now be found on every page, at the top).

Thanks for reading this far.
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