Testing, testing.

posted: 09 June, 2008

I don't really need another blog as I already have a tumblelog and a reblog, plus I use Wordpress installs to keep notes I jot down on books and films, and also for the postcard art that I occasionally do.  Yet, here we go with another one, because I've been playing around with designing this content management system for icewhistle.com and a blog is of course a crucial part of a CMS.

I suppose I will use this for longform posts, if I ever feel the desire to write any, and eventually I will probably integrate the tumblelog and the reblog into this, so it's all coming from one database.  Cause why use Wordpress if you can write your own?  This will involve adding support for the Metaweblog RPC and proper RSS handling, etc.  

So while this is a huge sprawling mess now I do have plans to kick it all into a uniform shape soon.  It's fun working out these things in Ruby on Rails, even if my shared hosting isn't the best for supporting it (no disrespect though, they are great in other ways).

So here's the inaugural post, which I will hide behind the front page for now.  Comments, RSS and all the other standard blogjunk to come later. 

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