Ptarmigan essay in 'ak28 revisited and three parallel visions'

posted: 07 June, 2011
I've entered the world of 'published author' with my essay 'Everything is Tentative and Possible', which describes the experience of co-founding Ptarmigan in Helsinki from 2009 until the opening of the Tallinn space.  It's published by the lovely Mount Analogue press/curatorial platform in Stockholm, and is part of a book that deals with self-organised, non-profit art initiatives with regards to the ak28 collective (now defunct). I'm not completely sure where to get it, but you could try contacting Mount Analogue.

Lots has happened since I last remembered to post here; the opening of Ptarmigan Tallinn, I guess, is the biggest thing.  I've had a few small things of my own - the release of a new Lied Music/Vernon and Burns LP, a workshop/seminar here and there - and I'm going to try to be more diligent about posting these things.

Which reminds me - Sunday, 12 June 2011 at the SHuSH event in Helsinki, I'm going to lead a short seminar/discussion group titled 'art, collaboration and pedagogy' through the Public School Helsinki in collaboration with SHuSH, Ptarmigan and lots more.  More info will be on the SHuSH page.  

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