Six Finger Satellite, The Convocation Of, A Stoveboat

19 December 1998

posted: 25 January, 2012 12:12

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This show actually took place in Baltimore. Dan, who I was living with at the time, was a big Six Finger Satellite fan and also loved Moss Icon, who I was just getting into.  He found out somehow (as I don't think the Internet was involved) that Tonie Joy's new band The Convocation Of were playing, so we drove down to it.

I remember the Ottobar being a fairly cool place and that Convocation Of were absolutely incredible.  The record they finally put out was disappointing though; I think I listened to it once.  Six Finger Satellite were in a fully different mode than The Pigeon is the Most Popular Bird album - much more influenced by sci-fi sounds like Chrome.  I didn't like it.  

I don't remember where we stayed or if we drove back that night, but I do remember seeing the guys from Oxes and their friends who called themselves the Baltimore Rowdy Collective.  In the upstairs part of Ottobar they all decided to get naked and sit around the pool table, and I was impressed.  We set up a few shows for Oxes and Goliath over the next year or two.

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