Three Penny Opera alternate poster

Stevenson Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA

20 July 1999

posted: 14 February, 2012 13:39

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Alternate poster design, which I think came sooner, because I remember the Positive Ensemble were supposed to play. This was a group of kids that called us up from Goleta, CA and explained that they were putting 11 people in a van and driving around American all summer to spread positivity. They didn't play any music, but they would jump around and try to make people happy and they had t-shirts. The whole thing sounded amazingly stupid but kinda funny, especially if you lived in a world where HeartAttack and Punk Planet were your major sources of media. Anyway, they had to cancel their tour -- how positive is that ? -- so we made the other poster, which was actually much less readable than this one.

Now that I am thinking about it, I think I remember Three Penny Opera a little bit - they were fast and fun but not too aggressive, and I liked them, though not as much as I liked Shotmaker. Who I also can't remember much about.

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