Intro to Pterodactyl setlist

27 December 2003

posted: 25 July, 2010 21:25

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Intro to Pterodactyl (which was myself + Caleb Waldorf ALWAYS, and then usually with Rob Dingman and sometimes Pat Crawford) only actually performed once, on December 27, 2003, at the Horrible Room in Lexington, KY.  Here was our "setlist", which was really a more formal set of instructions + lyrics as we attempted to reconstruct some of the music we recorded on our still-unreleased album.  There was a video shot of this performance which I used to have, but don't anymore.  It was intended from the beginning that I would sing "Brittle" from inside the closet, as that was an attempt to mimic the processed vocals of the album.  Scanned 25 July, 2010, in anticipation of our first performance since this one (to occur 12 August 2010 in Helsinki).  (two pages)

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