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August 2013 at Ptarmigan

31 July 2013

In August we're pleased to host Done Kino, the first Kino Kabaret event in Estonia. At Done Kino, participants will create collaborative film/video projects built from previously shot, unfinished material which they will bring. The workshop is set up as a 99-hour event, in three 33-hour sessions, with a public screening after each session. There's still a bit of space left on the...

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The Public School Helsinki: last weekend, and the future

20 January 2012
Summer is almost here, and summer will (almost certainly) bring us a large empty shipping container, "permanently" landlocked in the Kalasatama harbour.  This is part of an initiative between the city and Part which will be an ongoing 25-year project to revitalise Kalasatama.  We're looking forward to using the container as a classroom for most Public School events this summer, and...
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Surinamese cheese-samosas (or something)

20 January 2012
Now that I have this blog, I can post about my perverse food experiments here instead of dumping things to the blindness tumblelog.

I've only had Surinamese food once or twice, on visits to the Netherlands, but it has the potential to be my favorite cuisine. I fear that more frequent access may knock it down a few rungs in my ethnic pantheon; e.g: I used to be obsessed with Ethiopian food,...
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Kitchen inventory 28 June 2008

20 January 2012
Atjar Tjampoer Indonesian salad (jar)
Baked beans – organic (can)
Baked beans – organic (can)
Baked Beans (can)
Blueberry and cranberry mix (50g)
Bulgar wheat (1 kg)
Chestnut puree (can)
Cooking chocolate (1/4 bag)
Couscous (500g bag)
Curry rice crackers (bag)
Dried apricots (75g)
Dried fried onions (1/4 container)
Dried Japanese seaweed for rehydration (packet)
Dried seaweed (packet)
Flour -...
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