Kitchen inventory 28 June 2008

posted: 29 June, 2008
Atjar Tjampoer Indonesian salad (jar)
Baked beans – organic (can)
Baked beans – organic (can)
Baked Beans (can)
Blueberry and cranberry mix (50g)
Bulgar wheat (1 kg)
Chestnut puree (can)
Cooking chocolate (1/4 bag)
Couscous (500g bag)
Curry rice crackers (bag)
Dried apricots (75g)
Dried fried onions (1/4 container)
Dried Japanese seaweed for rehydration (packet)
Dried seaweed (packet)
Flour - Cornmeal (100g)
Flour – barleycorn organic (1kg)
Flour – cornflour (200g)
Flour – self-raising (200g)
Flour – strong white (2kg)
Flour – wholemeal (400g)
Ghee (half container)
Ginger cubes (box)
Gravy – onion granules (container)
Gravy mix (half box)
Hot lime pickle (1/3 of jar)
Hot sauce – Sriracha (bottle)
Hot sauce – Toad Sweat chocolate orange dessert hot sauce (small bottle)
Hot sauce – Toad Sweat cranberry dessert hot sauce (small bottle)
Hot sauce – Toad Sweat lemon vanilla dessert hot sauce (small bottle)
Inari (can)
Jam – raspberry (jar)
Legumes - Black beans (can)
Legumes - Broad beans (can)
Legumes - Butterbeans (can)
Legumes - Butterbeans (can)
Legumes - Butterbeans (can)
Legumes - Chick peas (can)
Legumes - Black beans  (300g)
Legumes - Candlenuts (1/2 packet)
Legumes - Chana Dal – dried (500g bag)
Legumes - Mung beans – dried (500g bag)
Legumes - Mung dal (250g bag)
Legumes - Urad dal – shelled – (400g bag)
Legumes - Urad dal – whole (400g bag)
Mirin (1/4 bottle)
Miso soup mix (packet)
Miso soup mix (packet)
Mustard – Coleman’s seeded mustard (jar)
Mustard – Coleman’s wholegrain mustard with chillies (jar)
Mustard – powder, Coleman’s English (tin)
Nigella seeds (jar)
Noodles - Couscous (100g)
Noodles - Macaroni (little bit)
Noodles - soba (package)
Noodles - Spaghetti  (package)
Noodles - spaghetti (package)
Noodles – Lasagne verde (box)
Nori – teriyaki snacks (container)
Nori (packet)
Nutritional yeast (20g)
Palm sugar/ jaggery (block)
Pappadum – black peppercorn and garlic (box of 10)
Peanut butter (jar)
Pickled garlic – WITH DASHI (bag)
Porridge oats (500g)
Quinoa (200g container)
Raisins (100g)
Ramen – Korean shim yun (cup)
Ramen – Korean shim-yun (cup)
Rice - brown (200g)
Rice – Basmati  (450g)
Rice – sushi (1.5 kg)
Rice flake – sweet (package)
Rice noodles – straight-to-wok (packet)
Rice paper for spring rolls (package)
Rice seasoning – Japanese (packet)
Sauce -  Rietja Rietja (cardboard packet)
Sauce -  Sambal Kacang – Indonesian peanut chilli paste (jar)
Sauce -  Surinamese Faja-lobi (jar)
Sauce -  Taipa curry paste (box)
Sauce -  Thai Green curry paste (small tin)
Sauce - Black bean sauce (jar)
Sauce - Crushed yellow bean sauce (can)
Sauce - Hot curry for chips (1/4 package)
Sauce - Singapore curry with tumeric stir-fry sauce (jar)
Sauce - Surinamese mango sambal (jar)
Sauce - Surinamese tempeh sambal (jar)
Sauce - Surinamese tempeh sambal (jar)
Sauce - Szechuwan seasoning sauce (packet)
Sauce - Thai Holy basil seasoning paste for stir-fry (packet)
Sauce - Tom Ka paste (packet)
Sauce - Vegetarian sambal (jar)
Seasoned gourd strips with mushroom for sushi (can)
Semolina (250g bag)
Sesame oil (bottle)
Snack - seaweed – crispy (package)
Snack – seaweed, hot and spicy (packet)
Snack – seaweed, hot and spicy (packet)
Soy sauce  (bottle)
Soya mince (Packet)
Soya TVP chunks (bag)
Stir-fry vegetables (can)
Stock cubes – organic country farm vegetable (box)
Sweetened dried pineapple (75g)
Tahini (jar)
Taro leaves in coconut cream (155g can)
Turkish coffee (container)
Vegetarian ramen (packet)
Vinegar – Chinese vinegar (bottle)
Vinegar – Durfais White wine vinegar (bottle)
Vinegar – white (bottle)
Yeast (sachet)
Yeast (sachet)
Yeast (sachet)
Yeast (sachet)
Yeast (sachet)
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