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20 January 2012
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20 January 2012
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20 January 2012
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Bush administration: the scandals

20 January 2012
Today Slate's got an excellent Venn diagram of Bush Administration scandals so you can see who exactly might be prosecuted for what. Of course it doesn't cover all of the scandals (I'm not sure that would be possible to represent in 2-dimensional space) but it's a nice start. Though I'm sure these fuckers will escape any sort of punishment for their crimes, it's at least nice to dream of...
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20 January 2012
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Where is Guys II? Where is Mick Stup Bunks??

20 January 2012 linked to this list of popular Boat names today:
Most popular sailboat names

1. Orion
2. Zephyr
3. Stargazer
4. Free Spirit
5. TBD
6. Cheers
7. Mariah
8. Solitude
9. Sandpiper
10. Calypso
11. Banana Wind
12. MoonDance
14. Mental Floss
15. valhalla

We here at take boat names very seriously, and felt the need to not just reBlog this but to specifically post it...
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