Temporary/Biathlon presentation in Riga 27.7.2016

posted: 26 July, 2016

My main project this year has been working with my colleague Agnieszka Pokrywka on the creation of a new toolkit for enabling participatory, trans-disciplinary culture environments. The toolkit, called Biathlon, will be tested out in a physical project space called Temporary, which we will open in Helsinki in September. Agnieszka and I have been supported throughout the year by the Kone Foundation to develop this concept.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 27 July),  we will be presenting our plan in Riga at an event called Black Hole Compass, organised by my dear friend Kaspars Lielgalvis. Agnieszka and I will give a little introduction to our concept (which will attempt to make participation across different events cumulative, via a credit-based system which is stored on the Ethereum blockchain). We'll also ask the audience about what they are looking for from culture, and how their own goals are realised or not in their current environments.

Latvia-based readers of johnw.fail, please come and say hi!

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