Recent things.

posted: 11 January, 2012
Dispatches from a website I do a piss-poor job of keeping up-to-date:

  •  I've been based in or around Tallinn for one year now.  Ptarmigan I can say has been going well; it's been an amazing thing and it's more momentum than inertia here.  We've had too much going on to fully talk about here, as we've had something like 80 events since April, but there's lots in the works for 2012, the Year of Our Culture Hangover.
  • Helsinki Ptarmigan as well is bubbling with activity, thanks to the efforts of Sari TM Kivinen, Ptarmigan's Director/Janitor.  We managed a lot, I think, despite having no physical space throughout the year, and there are some great new projects bubbling up.
  • I'm thinking about getting back into recording, working on the followup to the Boat Trip LP which I have about half-recorded, but has been dormant for a few months.  

More to come, in detail.