It begins.

posted: 12 October, 2008

So I guess I properly began Uberman tonight.  I slept "normally" the last two nights, maybe even a bit too much, so I figured it was time to give it a go.  I woke today around 1 PM.  At 8 PM, i took my first nap from 8 to 8:20.  I actually slept the whole 20 minutes as I was naturally tired, so I figured - GAME ON!

Midnight was the second scheduled nap, though I couldn't sleep at all.  I laid still for 20 minutes and tried my best but I figure it's going to be pretty rough the first few days - if not absolutely hell.  In two hours I try again.

I've already written something I promised to somebody, made pita bread, and watched a lot of mediocre NFL during my first two spells of wake.  And posted this.  90 minutes til the next nap, and hopefully I'll actually sleep this time.


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