Beginning a brave new era of sleep

posted: 07 October, 2008

For the past six months, I was planning to begin the Uberman's sleep schedule this week.  It looked exciting enough to read about, but knowing that I had to move to another country followed by an immediate visit to the US made me think I should wait til I got back.

I'm back, and not quite into it yet as I have to catch up from a brutal 20 hour airport/plane experience first. But of course this is a blog, which is the logical place to document this process.

I've been sleeping somewhat erratically since I got back anyway, so rather than stop cold turkey I'm going to try to ease my way into Uberman.

Right now it's 3:22 AM.  I slept from 10:30 until 12:30, woke up briefly, tossed around in bed half-awake for about two hours, and then decided to get up and start watch the debate buildup.  As I sit here, watching Countdown, I'm thinking I should call this the Olbermann sleep schedule.

Last night I slept about six hours - maybe from 1 AM until 7.  Sunday I collapsed after I got home; maybe from 6-11 I slept, then was up til about 5, then slept until noon.

I have to go to the immigration office early tomorrow so I probably won't sleep after the debate - I may not sleep until mid-day but that will be pretty much a nap, as I have a job to attend to.

Posts tagged with these tags will likely be very boring.  I will try to monitor any strange physical and/or mental effects and also discuss my general feelings about all of the free time I will have.

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