Thurston Moore, Tom Surgal, & William Winant; Ken Vandermark 5

Rodef Shalom Temple, Pittsburgh, PA

21 June 1997

posted: 29 June, 2021 03:50

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Part of the Mellon Jazz Festival, which used to have one or two interesting avant-leaning concerts in an otherwise bland programme. I missed Cecil Taylor, and Anthony Braxton, and I'm not sure why I did.

Not a lot is coming to my mind about this except that the Rodef Shalom Temple was a really lovely venue, and as a gentile I have actually been inside temples very few times in my life. Thurston Moore with two percussionists is an interesting lineup and I remember it being very bombastic, and more ragged than the Vandermark 5 who opened up. In retrospect I'm really lucky to have been able to see music like this.

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