The Better Automatic, Faraquat, Shale

18 October 1998

posted: 23 January, 2012 23:18

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This has the distinction of being the first show I ever organised, though to be completely honest my flatmate at the time, Dan, actually organised and executed this.  But we were setting up the show 'together' - I think I worked the door - and it showed me how easy it actually is to make things happen.  I felt like things had changed after this; for the next 2 years I was pretty actively involved in setting up shows while at the same time playing music myself in 1-2 bands and somehow getting through Uni intact.

I think all of these bands are somewhat forgotten now.  Shale were an aggressive post-hardcore band, locals who I saw quite a few times and always enjoyed even though that 'wasn't my thing'.  Faraquet were on their first tour here but later developed a bit of a following with a slightly proggy/post-rock take on the DC sound.  Also from DC were the Better Automatic, who did a sharp mod-pop that reminded me a bit of Chisel but yet completely different.  I still have their 7" which I play every few years.

This was poorly attended, a rainy Sunday night if I remember correctly.  Dan designed this poster.

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