Silver Apples, Apples in Stereo, Notwist, Meisha

04 November 1997

posted: 23 January, 2012 17:20

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A battered but intact poster from a concert at CMU that I remember attending my freshman year of University.  Doug Mousrak who I am still friends with organised this and designed the poster, which has a lovely, shimmery metallic feel to it that probably doesn't come across well in the scan.  This was a great concert, as I was quite a fan of Apples in Stereo at the time, liked the Notwist (particulary 12, which I think they were coming off of, and the once fantastic instrumental heavy jam they played), and was just exploring 60's psychedelia, so Silver Apples were a great thing to see fresh off their reunion.  I knew Meisha then though I had not become super-close to them yet.  I remember this being in the big auditorium and the vibe being somewhat compromised by the rows of seats looking down at the stage, but the sound being good.  A CMU janitor walked onstage during the Silver Apples set to ask them to move their van which was parked illegally.  Apples in Stereo were good and I met them that night and somewhere have a photo of C. and myself and other friends with them, which I recreated with Robert and Hillary in 2005 when I lived in Lexington (with a different supporting cast).

If you have any information to add about this archival item, feel free to get in touch.