Devo's 'Smart Patrol' covered by me in 1998

01 October 1998

posted: 06 April, 2013 01:38

I was digging through cassette tapes tonight and found some real gems, which I will digitise as I get around to them. This is a cover of Devo's 'Smart Patrol' that I recorded for a Devo tribute compilation that Scott Beibin was supposedly releasing. I'm not sure if it ever actually was released or if this appeared on it, but I did it in one night on Jesse Trbovich's 4-track. I'm pretty sure this is 1998 and I remember it being an autumn night, but I also think Jesse had moved to Philly by '98 so maybe this was actually done in '97.

It's funny that he 'produced' it but he actually had a mastery of the Tascam that I never had. I think you can vaguely hear backing vocals by him on parts. I never did 'Mr. DNA' though that was planned.

I digitised this from a 4-track cassette which means I had to double the speed and reverse tracks 3+4 and sync them up. Hopefully there aren't too many artefacts of this transition.