ADD fest 2 larger flyer

Chatham REA Coffeehouse, Pittsburgh, PA

14 November 1998

posted: 29 June, 2021 19:37

My terrible design, including the bizarre idea to have an 11x17" sized concert poster in landscape mode.

I think the lineup for the first ADD Fest was constantly changing, but this is probably more accurate than the first version. Actually I have a vague memory that my own band Land played at this, though before I was in it -- I think Luke played solo and that was maybe technically the first Land show, and then our first show as a duo was soon after in the University fine art building's gallery. So that would have been a change to this advertised lineup; possibly in place of my band the Auspice Band, though I also sort of remember playing too.

Could this also have been Crucial Unit's first show? Obivously Aus-Rotten was the biggest name on the bill. My memory of this is that a ton of people were there, it was crazy intense and a bit silly, and that as soon as it was over people started asking us if they could play the 'next year'. I took over control of ADD fest for the next two years; I don't know if Dan was interested in doing it again, and I would guess not.

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