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Notes on 'Memories of the Future' seminar

11 October 2015

During my postgraduate degree I took a great seminar called 'Writing the Disaster', taught by Professor David Pascoe, that investigated various forms of disaster literature over the 20th Century (from Wells to Vonnegut to Ballard).  I presented during the 'Memories of the Future' seminar, which covered Resnais' Hiroshima, mon amour and Marker's La Jetée...

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Lost Lake in the UK last month

20 January 2012
(75% of Lost Lake, live in Newcastle: L-R Mark Vernon, Luke Fowler, me)

Last month I ended up back in Glasgow for a week to work with Luke Fowler in our Lied Music project, though this time we have formally merged it with Vernon and Burns, using the name Lost Lake.  Mark Vernon and Barry Burns, with whom we recorded the 2006 LP Lied Music vs. Boy-Band Tax Returns, are two of the most...
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