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Lied Music / Ben Reynolds tour promotional poster

11 October 2015

Luke made these posters which we mailed to all of the people promoting the different shows across the UK.  I liked how he did this - it certainly fit in with the aesthetic of the old tape reels and low-budget yet distinctly 1960s/70s feel that we were going for.  You can see this particularly in his artwork for the LP we never put out.  Scanned 25 July 2010.

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What has Chris Morris been up to?

20 January 2012

I was wondering what Chris Morris has been up to recently (as I haven't known of any projects since Barley, which was, well, ages ago.  According to Wikipedia:

The Guardian reported that Morris is working on a film satirising terrorism and suicide bombers for Channel 4. The project, titled Four Lions was turned down by both the BBC and Channel 4 for its controversial subject matter, but...

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