Serious Introspection episode 7

posted: 20 November, 2015

Here is this week's episode, with Tero Nauha, Milla Koistinen, Salka Gudmundsdóttir and impromptu guest Tuukka Asplund. We passed out feedback forms to the audience, and you can fill this out online here. Even if you have never attended a live episode and only watched these, we appreciate your feedback!

We were without a sound man for the third consecutive week but did not have Ilpo to save the day, so all of the mics are really hot and the soundboard mix sounded worse than the camera mixes. I tried the best I could with post-processing but this episode is again really hard to listen to. I apologise immensely and almost didn't post this video at all, but figured some bad-sounding documentation is better than nothing.

On Tuesday is our final show! We will have some Mad House staff as guests to look back over this season and share our thoughts, dreams, and reflections. Plus, we'll have segments as chosen by you (via the feedback forms!) and some surprises. 

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