Serious Introspection episode 2

posted: 14 October, 2015

Here's (season 1,) episode 2 of Serious Introspection with John W. Fail, my weekly live/talk show at Mad House Helsinki. This week I talked with Annika Tudeer, Andrew Paterson, and Kimmo Modig. It was a significantly more lively show than last time, and I felt way better about it. I apologise for the audio being terrible - it makes this quite hard to listen to, but next week we will ensure that we get a better recording.

I'm not sure who will be the guest next week as there is no performance that night at Mad House, but we'll have some good people for sure. You can  follow on Facebook and send your mailbag questions to me here, or via Facebook, or via Twitter. Thanks againt to Justin Tyler Tate for being an awesome co-host!

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