Renderers, Pineal Ventana, Blazing Bulkheads, Meisha

30 October 1996

posted: 15 November, 2015 17:43

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This was the first 'real' show I ever played, in the Blazing Bulkheads, with Weird Paul. Our first actual show was in Rochester, PA at a place called the Outlet, maybe a few weeks earlier. I was at a show in the summer at Luciano's, and I told Manny (who didn't really know me then, except by face) that I was in a band with Weird Paul, and soon we had this offer.
Meisha played before us and I loved it. I talked to Mike Tamburo for the first time that night. Later we became close friends who have since drifted, but I miss him and should get back in touch.
I don't remember Pineal Ventana and I don't think anyone else does. The Renderers I became more of a fan of later - I barely remember their set, but I remember the guitar player watching us from a chair right in front of the stage, and he mouthed along the words when we covered the Modern Lovers' 'I'm Straight'.
Later in life I became a massive New Zealand music fan and also got more into country and folk sounds, of which the Renderers had a slight influence.
I don't think we were very good, but this was an important rite of passage for me.
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